Peck Lake - Jamie Maclean
Peck Lake - Jamie Maclean

Peck Lake - Jamie Maclean

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Forsaking a promising art career in Grade 9, Jamie chose math, sciences and engineering as a career for 30+ years. Embarking on self employment as a consultant Jamie took a seminar series about operating an independent business as a consultant. The facilitator encouraged blue sky thinking - “If not now, when” and “are you doing this because you want to do this or because you’ve been doing this.” Best training ever. In 2004, Jamie picked up an out of town project and started painting in the hotel room at night. By the end, he thought “I could do this” and a full-time artist was born. He had found his passion.

  • 48 x 36 inches
  • Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Original Art | Peck Lake