Between Us - Darlene Winfield
Between Us - Darlene Winfield

Between Us - Darlene Winfield

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My inspiration to paint evolved early in childhood and has forever been in my heart and soul. 
With the opportunity to live abroad in Mexico and Indonesia and travel the world my horizons were  broadened. It was thrilling to  study and experience the light, colour and the atmosphere in different countries.  The ability  to see beyond my world was invaluable. With all of the exposure to so many art forms I constantly re-invent my colour palette and the studies that I create.  To explore so many subjects and create new and exciting paintings is what keeps me exhilarated about every day in my studio.
  • Oil on Canvas
  • 48”x48” inches
  • Original Art | Darlene Winfield
  • Sentinel, oil painting , trees ,island, contemporary ,