Eclipse Gallery Rosseau Location Closed

Eclipse gallery in beautiful little Rosseau closes September 30th 2017.

Unfortunately,  our old house  has been sold and we will not be able to return next season!

Thank you all for your patronage, we were thrilled to greet many familiar and new faces this summer!

Please visit us at our location within Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, open throughout the year. Our staff is available from 9.30 until noon hour and by appointment. Please give us a quick call or text and we will meet you and give you a personal art tour!



Meet the Artist on the Porch 11am -1pm

Eleanor Lowden is fascinated by people.  "My paintings would herald the day, and honour those simple moments that we all take for granted. Walking the dog, shopping, eating, holding hands, talking on the phone, texting. I love to watch crowds of people traveling in different directions, each with their own story and body language, lost in their own thoughts, being in close proximity to people and never connecting. Or perhaps connecting, and that I find equally fascinating and inspiring." These figures provide Eleanor with an endless source of inspiration. Her work is impressionistic, vibrant and loose "I paint with many layers of transparent acrylic, layering my colors so that they glow.  I want the viewer to spend time contemplating both the painting process and the story that I am telling"   

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