New Artist Zoe Lefort

Zoé Lefort is a French Canadian born in Quebec who spent her early childhood years growing up in Montreal. She later on moved to Oakville Ontario where she began hand-painting pottery. She continued this for many years and eventually began selling her pieces to several trendy stores in downtown Montreal before the age of 15.

 Zoé attended Sheridan College for 2 years after high school and received her diploma for Travel & Tourism. She worked in this field for a few years but quickly realized that art was her true passion. She returned to Sheridan College where she studied painting, drawing, graphic design and animation for 4 years and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. 

Zoé primarily works with oil paints/pastels and has always been known for her rich & bold colours. This is consistent with every facet of her life, from her fashion sense to decorating her home. Zoé loves exploring different subjects and/or themes of nature and is very particular with what she chooses to paint.