THE JACK PINE-  a tribute to Tom Thomson.....

Tom loved the outdoors, a true woodsman, and above all Canadian artist.


Paying tribute to Tom are:

Kathy Haycock, Tim Packer, Brigitte Granton and John Kinsella



Tom Thomson

To the memory of Tom Thomson, artist, woodsman and guide

Who was drowned in Canoe Lake July 8th 1917

He lived humbly but passionately with the wild

It made him brother to all untamed things of nature

It drew him apart and revealed itself wonderfully to him

It sent him out from the woods only to show these revelations

through his Art and it took him to itself at last

Tom Thomson Memorial Cairn, Hayhurst Point, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park by Ben Greisman

Kathy Haycock with Prelude (Early Maple) 

Kathy Haycock with Prelude (Early Maple) 

Source: www.eclipseartgallery/artnews/the jackpine